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Experience an unforgettable birthday at Storymakery, where we provide a unique experience and colorful space. The classic party package includes improv storytelling, games, and story building; an active event where the kids will learn as they have fun. Parents relax while we entertain the guests and bring your child's story to life. For kids 1-3, we offer a memorable experience where guests get to know the birthday child and families are engaged in the story-building. You may bring décor, food, and drinks.

Party Includes:

Group Story Building

Time at Character Studio

Improv Storytelling and Acting


Min of 2 Dedicated Hosts

Soft Cover Storybook for Each Child

Character Poster for Birthday Child

Reserved Area for Food and Cake

Shopping Spree - 10% Off Store

Merchandise on Day of Party

Printable/Emailable Invitation

birthday party
  • Reserve your preferred time today with a $50 non-refundable deposit.
  • Duration for Ages 4-12: 2 Hours
  • Duration for Ages 1-3: 1.5 Hours. (Posters Included.)
  • Longer time available upon request.
  • Weekday Pricing Available: $325
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Additional Guests: $24.99

Pizza Package with juice boxes (2 large pizzas, perfect for up to 10 kids): $27

Plates, napkins, forks, and cups for adults: $5.50 (set of 10)

Printed Invitation (pack of 10): $5

Party Favors: $4-$5 (options below)

Character Poster: $10 (each guest)

Party Favors for Everyone!

Creative Writing Journal

image 1

Creative writing journal, mini coloring pencils, sticker & candy ($5)

Coloring Book

image 2

Coloring book, mini coloring pencils, sticker & candy ($5)

Mini Notebook

image 3

Mini notebook, mini coloring pencils, sticker & candy ($4)

Mini Coloring Book

image 4

Mini adult coloring book, mini coloring pencils, sticker & candy ($5)

Bracelet with Charms

image 5

Bracelet with two charms of your choice ($5)


image 6

Character poster ($10)

Helpful Information:

No cost for parents and siblings who would like to stay and watch the party

We can accommodate up to 50 participating children

Not ready to book? Contact us today at 949-431-5061 or events@storymakery.com

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