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Lakewood Macaroni Kid: Storymakery

Lakewood Macaroni Kid: Storymakery

Wed Mar 02 2016 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)

My 7, 4 & 1 year old was recently invited to preview the Storymakery at the Spectrum.  Can I tell you how much my kids and I loved this place?  It's like a Build a Bear, but you build a book!
It's a little pricey compared to a bear, but so worth it.  We got the  Storytale Package – Design a character and work one-on-one with our writers to create a story.  Take home a book and poster.  Duration: 60- 75 Minutes.  Price: $54.99.  
I seriously think these guys deserve more for all the labor it was involved in helping my little ones build a book.  So, here how it goes:

STEP 1: Customize a character at the Character Studio.  Many options to choose from!
STEP 2: Visit the Imagination Forest, and hand pick your story inspiration.
STEP 3: Our writing staff will work 1:1 with your child in the Writing  Studio.
STEP 4: Create illustrations, dedications and a book cover at the Publishing Studio.
STEP 5: Submit your child’s storybook to be printed and   bound!

They also had products that you can order like mugs, bags, posters, t-shirts or ornaments with your main character that you designed!!!  The price was worth just the one on one service that my kids got, all the way from help designing the main character, then to asking what their story was all about, to the editor typing up the story!  Then, they got help to add secondary characters and design pages and cover.  After all these three stations that they went through, they waited by the printing room, stared at the window to see how their book was printed and put together.  How awesome is that?!!
If you're an Aunt/Uncle, Grandparent or just a parent looking to give a child a very unique and fun gift, this experience would be it.  And if you need a field trip idea, ask them!  It's as low as $19.99 per child and they get a book that the group creates. 

Other pricing:
•   Personalize A Story –Personalize one of our stories by adding your
own characters.  Price: 34.99

Parties include:
Storybook for each guest (includes author bio and special dedication for birthday child) Character 
poster for birthday child • Engaging activities • Custom themes • Printable invitations • Digital 
group photo • Table set-up for cake and refreshments • Dedicated Party Hosts

Price (up to 8 guests)
$250 Weekends and $225 Weekdays
$24.99 for each additional guest.  
Additional set-up fees for over 25 guests.
Add-On Option: Creative Writing Journal Favors for $5.00

AGES 4-5
Character design•acting•Group story writing•Sing-along music and games
Duration: 1.5 Hours.   (Party guests also receive  posters.)

AGES 6-9
Character design • Improvisational story building • Character development • Group story  writing • Sing-along  music
Publishing  Studio  
Duration: 2 Hours

AGES 10-12
Character design • Character development • Group plot development
Publishing Studio 
Duration: 2 Hours

Field Trips Include:   Storybook for each student  • Engaging activities tailored to grade levels • 
Character and plot development  • Story writing • Custom themes (if requested by teacher)•   
Digital group photo  • Dedicated writers

Source link: http://lakewoodca.macaronikid.com/article/1182279/storymaker-in-now-at-the-irvine-spectrum