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Plan A Day Out: Storymakery

Plan A Day Out: Storymakery

Thu Feb 25 2016 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Have you heard about Storymakery? This is an incredible place where children use their imagination to create characters, write stories and publish their own books. I visited this week and I was blown away by the whole process!

You  should know that my daughter can’t read or write and my son doesn’t like to read or write, so I was a little concerned that this was not going to be the best activity for them. Oh, was I wrong!

Thanks to Storymakery’s talented creative writers and their kid-friendly software, my kids were able to create, illustrate and publish their own book. You should have seen how excited they were! In fact, both of my kids just asked me to increase their daily chores so that they can pay for their next book. :)

This place absolutely surpassed all my expectations!!

How does it work?

Here is a description of the process for their Story Tale package which is the most comprehensive experience. Depending on your child’s age and attention span, you can also choose different packages that might be more suitable for your kids.

Using the kid friendly software, children get to design a character choosing from hundreds of character variations. So they first pick a character and then add details such as hair, clothes, accessories. Their computers have touch screens so this step is suitable for all kids, even for children 5 and under.STEP 


Visit the Imagination Forest where kids will pick a story line. There are different story levels to pick from depending on your child’s age and ability.

  • Story Maker is recommended for children 5 and under who might not have the attention span to sit through the creative writing session.
  • Dreamer is what we chose! This leaf gives your child a story line from which they can build their story on. Dreamers will later create their book with the help of a creative writer.
  • Visionary is for children who would like to write their own story without much help.

A creative writer will meet you at their Writing studio and will ask your child lots of questions to help them create a story. This was the best part of the process for me! I never thought my kids were creative, but the staff was incredible and were able to help them use their imagination to create a plot.

Your kids will move to the publishing studio to create two additional characters, design the front cover and add illustrations to their book.

Your child’s book and poster get printed. Your kids’ faces when they hold their book for the first time…priceless!

Suitable for:

I would say this experience is mainly geared towards kids from 4 to 10 years old. However, younger kids might be able to create a character with your help which you can can print on a T-shirt, poster, mug, tote-bag, ornament or teddy bear to take home. Older kids might also enjoy writing a book all on their own.


Price ranges from $20 to $55 depending on the package you select. The Storytale package I described above was $54.99 and includes a book and a poster.

Become an author from home:

From what I understood, you can also pay an annual membership of $24.99 and have access to their software from home. When you are done with your book, you can then pay an additional $15.99 to print it. This might be a good option if you think your kid might be more creative from the comfort of their home, but in my case the help of their creative writers was crucial to foster my kids imagination, so I would still suggest to visit the store.

Source link: http://blog.planadayout.com/storymakery-where-kids-can-publish-their-own-book/