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Walnut Macaroni Kid: Storymakery

Walnut Macaroni Kid: Storymakery

Tue Feb 23 2016 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Nurture your child’s love of books and storytelling by visiting Storymakery!  Located in the heart of the Irvine Spectrum, Storymakery is a visionary new concept and idea for writing, illustrating, and publishing your child’s very own story in his/her very own book, poster, and keepsake.  While Storymakery has only recently taken the OC by storm, it has quickly become a top choice for creative children and their parents, making it a must-visit and place for those that want something interactive, fun, and creative.

Foster Creativity

Storymakery is a unique way to help develop your child’s writing skills, while encouraging their creativity and imagination. Your young author creates their characters, develops the plot, and even chooses the setting and everything else about their story. The entire environment and center is set up into various stages and studios, and every phase of the process is a great way to connect with your child, and guide them in a very organized and way of thinking and learning.  


For those with children in varying ages, or those who may have a different amount of available time, Storymakery is very flexible and provides different arrangements, some that include suggested themes and materials that help prompt the author in creating a storybook that is just as special as though they started it from scratch;  again, no two stories are ever the same.  


Build Self-Esteem

Your young author will develop a sense of pride and accomplishment writing, creating, and publishing their own story. When the finished product arrives in the hands of your child, their faces light up with anticipation and excitement as they see what they've created come to life!  They leave no doubt from the reactions (especially those that I saw) that they are beaming with pride and confidence having created and achieved something very special.


Life-Long Keepsake

Storymakery books and posters are printed onsite, and the final products are made using quality materials designed to last a long time. Your young author can choose from different cover styles, and can even create a dedication and/or autobiography section in their own book as highlighted on the front page and back pages of their book.  Additional copies for relatives and friends can be easily ordered, and I especially liked the idea of the online publishing feature where others can view or read different stories from other different authors.  Other keepsakes (such as magnets, mugs, t-shirts, ornaments, and teddy bears) are also available - perfect for gift giving or simply to commemorate the day and adventure itself.


Storymakery is a fantastic place (I like to call it a "fun factory") where children (Ages 4 and up) and their parents use the store for a 20-minute to one-hour session during which children can create their own character, write a story at the Writing Studio, design a poster, or publish a story as a book to take home.  Family members and friends can then write their own stories featuring the child's character.  This makes it a great idea to possibly establish a book series around a character, give a child printed storybooks as gifts, or print a poster with your child's character.  

Source link: http://walnut.macaronikid.com/article/1180573/create-your-own-book-at-storymakery