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Parenting OC: Storymakery

Parenting OC: Storymakery

Wed Dec 02 2015 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Walking into Storymakery, you are immediately transported into a world of possibility. You are surrounded by bright building block colors, a well-laid out creative process that leads you through an “imagination forest”, and a highly-educated staff. You are quickly assured that this is not only a place to create a story, but a safe nook to let your daydreams become a reality.

Started by Payal Kindiger for her daughter who has a big imagination and loves creative writing, this Orange County mom has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management with over 15 years of experience working in the high-tech industry. When she talks of her new launch of Storymakery, this innovative self-publishing experience for children, her eyes light up. She assures us this is not about making a “perfect story”, but creating a lifetime momento to cherish over the years.

My 9-year old daughter was excited to try this experience, as she has been telling us stories woven full of mythical creatures for years. We have encouraged her to write them, however the process seemed too daunting to her. Yet in this Storymakery, she found herself loving the self-publishing experience.

First, she started in The Character Studio, where she created a mermaid, of course. However, not only did she create the main character’s outer appearance, she also developed the mermaid’s inner qualities and challenges. The owner, Payal, shared that many children when looking at the colorful list given to them of challenges often relate to the “picky eater” or “doesn’t do homework”. She even had to come up with a motto or catchphrase for her main character.

Source link: http://parentingoc.com/2015/12/yarbrough-storymakery/