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my storymakery

Our storybook muses are full of character and adventure. They will accompany children in a journey that will last through their early years. Perfect for little kids with big dreams, our stories will be treasured beyond childhood

Choose Your Adventure

It's a Pirate's Life for Me!

Join a colorful and adventurous pirate voyage and find out what it means to be ‘who you argh’.

My Fairy Friend

Embark on a magical playdate with a kind-hearted fairy and unicorn to learn the meaning of friendship.

My Mermaid Muse

Perfect for kids who love mermaids. Befriend a kindred spirit who loves to explore the world around her.

Embark on a magical adventure with a Storymakery character. All stories are written with whimsy and are beautifully illustrated. Makes the perfect gift and keepsake for young children. All storybooks are 8 x 8 inches. Available in soft cover, hard cover and in gift sets.