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This package includes the 'Story Space Showcase' from our friends at Writer's Room Productions. They will bring your child's creative, pre-written story to life live at the party! Storymakery will kick off the event by leading the guests in a group Story Build, based on the birthday child’s character. The party will then culminate with a private Story Space Showcase of your child’s pre-written story for friends and family!

deluxe party 1
deluxe party 2
deluxe party 2
deluxe party 2

Party Includes:

2.5-hour party with improv storytelling to spark creativity -30 Minute

45-minute live performance by Writer's Room Productions (story build & performance of story)

1-2 dedicated writers/hosts to help with set-up, party, and clean up

Printed storybook for birthday child and each guest

Storymakery T-Shirt for birthday child (up to$20 in value)

Tables & chairs for snacks, food, or cake (You may bring your own food and desert)

Customized emailable invitations


$550 for 10 guests

Shopping Spree - 10% Off Store

Add $150 for holidays and weekends

*$50 deposit is required to book

group outing 1
group outing 2
group outing 2
group outing 2


Additional Guest: $24.99

Pizza Package with juice boxes (2 large pizzas, perfect for up to 10 kids): $27

Plates, napkins, forks, and cups for adults: $5.50 (set of 10)

Printed Invitation (pack of 10): $5

Party Favors: $4-$5 (options below)

Character Poster: $10 (each guest)

Party Favors for Everyone!

Creative Writing Journal

image 1

Creative writing journal, mini coloring pencils, sticker & candy ($5)

Coloring Book

image 2

Coloring book, mini coloring pencils, sticker & candy ($5)

Mini Notebook

image 3

Mini notebook, mini coloring pencils, sticker & candy ($4)

Mini Coloring Book

image 4

Mini adult coloring book, mini coloring pencils, sticker & candy ($5)

Bracelet with Charms

image 5

Bracelet with two charms of your choice ($5)


image 6

Character poster ($10)

about the writers

About Writer's Room Productions

Writer’s Room Productions is dedicated to showcasing the value that all children have through the power of storytelling. Creative writing is more than just a milestone in grade school, it can help students become leaders, encourage stronger coping skills, and help children think outside the box! Your young author will have a chance to see their story come to life by the Writer's Room team of professional actors and musicians, with your family and friends cheering them on.

Helpful Information:

No cost for parents and siblings who would like to stay and watch the party

We can accommodate up to 50 participating children

Not ready to book? Contact us today at 949-431-5061 or events@storymakery.com
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