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Information Night for Schools

Drop by Storymakery at the Irvine Spectrum Center and see how our unique field trip programs can delight your students! We invite all teachers, PTA leaders and principals for an informational night with the founder of Storymakery on Thursday, January 24th. 

RSVP for complimentary admission: CLICK HERE

Stop by anytime between 4 PM and 6 PM to learn more details on our field trips, fundraising opportunities, and answer any questions in order to plan a great educational experience for your group of kids over some refreshments!

We have a variety of programs for schools and home-schooling that can be tailored to complement your curriculum, including field-trip and on-site experiences for Pre-School through Sixth Grade.

Date: Fri Jan 25 2019 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Time : 4pm
Venue: Storymakery

Writing Workshop & ChildFund Info Session

Storymakery has partnered with ChildFund International, a child-focused international humanitarian relief organization on a new initiative. In celebration of Valentine's Day, join the Storymakery founder in an information session Saturday, January 24th at 4 PM to learn how you can start a one-to-one relationship with a child and help them to grow up healthy, educated and safe. 

In the meantime, your kids will participate in a FREE writing workshop with our skilled writing staff. They will create characters and write Valentine's Day inspired story on our kid-friendly software. Kids will also enjoy arts & crafts. Take home the storybook they create during the workshop for $15. All ages welcome!

Click HERE to RSVP for FREE for the event!

Date: Sun Feb 03 2019 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Time : 4pm
Venue: Storymakery

Storybook Workshops for Girl Scouts

Our Girl Scout programs have been designed to inspire character and unlock the imagination. We have workshops coming up for Girl Scout Daisies and Girl Scout Junior levels. 

Girl Scout Daisies - Make the World a Better Place: Saturday, February 23rd (10 am - 12 pm)

Girl Scout Juniors - Scribe: Saturday, February 24th (1 pm - 3 pm)

$25.00 per troop member (adults free)

Click HERE to learn more and register!

Venue: Storymakery

Young Author Spring Camp 2019

Over the course of the week, students will develop their own storybooks from start to finish, ending with three soft-cover paperback books and character posters. The curriculum covers creative writing, character development, plot development, grammar and literary instruction. A combination of group, independent and self-expression activities included. Camp available for kids ages 5-12 with sessions and curriculum added for returning students!

March 25th - 29th   OR    April  1st - 5th

Click HERE to learn more and enroll!

Venue: Storymakery

Winter Classes: 5-Pack Session

The perfect option for families interested in our classes but require more flexibility in the schedule. With this option, families may choose their own dates and times for the sessions. The 5-Pack of Winter Classes include:
  • Five, 1-Hour Sessions with Writer 
  • Creative Writing and Plot Development Lessons 
  • Age-based curriculum
  • 3 Soft Cover Books and Posters
  • Perfect for ages 5-12
  • Great idea for gifts!

Venue: Storymakery

Girl Scouts at Storymakery


Storymakery elevates creativity across various levels for Girl Scouts. Whether you are a Daisy or a Cadette, our writers will work with your troops to show just how fun much story writing can be when kids are encouraged to let their imagination soar. During the event, all scouts will experience:

  • Young Author Workshop, which will include an interactive discussion with our writers on character and plot development.  The level of creative writing instruction will vary by age group. For example, we practice improvisational story telling with our Daisy groups.

  • Story building - Our writers will lead the troops through individual or group story-building sessions. Our format will vary based on the age group.

  • Time at our Character and Publishing Studios, where kids design their own character and illustrations. They will also personalize their book with their own cover design, dedication, and author bio.

Skills in Use:  Creative Writing and Imagination,  Story writing – e.g. Plot structure and introduction to in-depth character development , Use of Technology (Self-Publishing platform),  Design (Illustrations and Layout), Group collaboration and typing (for older kids.)

Click HERE to register today!!

Venue: Irvine Spectrum Center

Storymakery Birthdays


Whether your kids love superheroes, unicorns, pirates or princesses, we’ll make their dreams come to life! Storymakery is the perfect place to hold the next birthday party or special event for your kids. Our dedicated hosts and writers will delight your child and leave friends, schoolmates, and family with precious memories for years to come.

We have been featured by CBS LA as "Best Places to Throw a Children's Party".

Click HERE to check out the details of our six experience options for ages 1-13. 

Contact us with any questions or email at (949) 431-5061 or Events@Storymakery.com & start planning your party!

Venue: Irvine Spectrum Center