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Each party package is uniquely customized to your child's age and interests.
Make this year the most memorable yet!

Why Choose Storymakery:

  • Packages for every age and budget.
  • Themed parties to fit any interest.
  • Easy to plan with our expert staff.
  • Planning made simple: we set-up and clean up.
  • Each guest takes home a printed storybook.
  • Add-ons available to make any party unique.
  • Party favors also available – great options for everyone.
  • Emailable invitations included.
  • No cost for parents and siblings who would like to stay and watch the party.
  • 10% off merchandise for you and your guests!

*We can accommodate up to 50 participating children.

We have been featured as the "Best Place to Throw a Children's Party" by CBS LA

Deluxe Birthday Party

If you are ready to throw your child the most unforgettable birthday they will remember for a lifetime, then look no further. A step above the Storybook Birthday Party, this package also includes themed table decor &party-ware, posters for each guest and more! We make it easy for you to plan and take care of the set-up.

  • Ages 1-12
  • Up to 10 Guests
  • $475 Everyday

What's Included:

  • 2 Hosts
  • Group Storybuilding
  • Games and Activities
  • Time at Character Studio
  • Soft-cover book copy for birthday child and guests
  • Shirt for Birthday Child (up to $20 value)
  • Multiple tables for snacks, food, or cake (You may bring your own food and dessert)
  • Themed party hats, napkins, tablecloths, and silverware
  • Help with set-up, party, and clean up
  • Select a Theme: Salty Seas (mermaids & pirates), Once Upon a Time (knights, fairies, princesses, & dragons), Superheroes, and Mystic Lands (wizards & sorcerers)
  • Themed and customized printable/emailable invitations
  • 1 Digital Group Picture
  • Duration: 2 hours
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Storybook Birthday Party

Our most popular birthday package! This unique experience includes improv storytelling, games, and story building with dedicated hosts - an interactive event where kids will learn as they have fun. Party experiences are tailored to age levels 1-13. Parents can relax while we entertain the guests and bring your child’s story to life or engage in the story building and get to know the kids!

  • Ages 1-12
  • Up to 10 Guests
  • $325 – Weekdays
  • $375 – Weekends

What's Included:

  • Minimum of 2 Dedicated Hosts
  • Group Story Building
  • Time at Character Studio
  • Improv Storytelling and Acting
  • Games
  • Soft Cover Storybook for Each Child
  • Character Poster for Birthday Child
  • Reserved Area for Food and Cake
  • 1 digital group picture
  • Printable/Emailable Invitation
  • Duration for Ages 4-12: 2 Hours*
  • Duration for Ages 1-3: 1.5 Hours. (Posters Included)*

*Longer time available upon request.

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Group Outing

If you have 4-6 children and would like to host an informal but memorable experience for your child, then this option is perfect for you! Your birthday host will lead the kids through a collaborative and engaging process to build a story. While the book is being typed, another host will lead the kids through a series of fun birthday games. Celebrate as a family or with a few of your child’s friends.

  • Ages 5-12
  • Up to 6 Guests
  • $175 Everyday

What's Included:

  • 1 Host
  • Story and Character Making
  • Printed soft cover storybook for each child
  • Character poster for Birthday Child
  • Emailable invitation
  • 1 digital group picture
  • Fifteen Minute Activity for Kids Ages 5-8
  • The opportunity for your child to pre-select a theme or character interest
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Kaleidoscope Experience

The ultimate party experience plus more! This package includes the 'Story Space Showcase' from our friends at Writer's Room Productions. They will bring your child's creative, pre-written story to life live at the party! Storymakery will kick off the event by leading the guests in a group Story Build, based on the birthday child’s character. The party will then culminate with a private Story Space Showcase play of your child’s pre-written story for friends and family!

  • Ages 5-13
  • Up to 10 Guests
  • $550 Weekdays Only
  • Add $150 for Holidays and Weekends

What's Included:

  • 1-2 dedicated writers/hosts to help with set-up, party, and clean up
  • Improv storytelling to spark creativity -30 Minute
  • 45-minute live performance by Writer's Room Productions (story build & performance of story)
  • Printed softcover storybook for the birthday child and each guest
  • Storymakery T-Shirt for birthday child (up to $20 in value)
  • Tables & chairs for snacks, food, or cake (You may bring your own food and dessert)
  • Customized emailable invitations
  • Duration: 2.5 Hours
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Experience an unforgettable birthday at Storymakery, where we provide a unique experience and colorful space. Book Now


  • Additional Guest: $24.99
  • Pizza Package with juice boxes (2 large pizzas, perfect for up to 10 kids): $30
  • Plates, napkins, forks, and cups for adults: $8 (set of 10)
  • Printed Invitation (pack of 10): $5
  • Character Poster: $10 (each guest)
  • Party Favors: $4-$5 (options below)

Party Favors for Everyone!

Creative Writing Journal

image 1

Creative writing journal, mini coloring pencils, sticker & candy ($5)

Coloring Book

image 2

Coloring book, mini coloring pencils, sticker & candy ($5)

Mini Notebook

image 3

Mini notebook, mini coloring pencils, sticker & candy ($4)

Mini Coloring Book

image 4

Mini adult coloring book, mini coloring pencils, sticker & candy ($5)

Bracelet with Charms

image 5

Bracelet with two charms of your choice ($5)


image 6

Character poster ($10)

About Storymakery

Storymakery is a unique place for children and families to have fun while making both memories and stories that last a lifetime. We encourage kids to be creative and explore ideas, while also building their cognitive and writing skills. We create an interactive and personalized writing experience where kids will be able to publish their own book after creating their own characters, story plots, and book layouts.