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My Storymakery
Where Imagination Inspires Character

Storymakery is a unique place for children and families to have fun while making both memories and stories that last a life time. During an average 30 minute to one-hour visit, children will be able to use Storymakery’s kid-friendly technology to:      

  • Design a storybook character of their very own
  • Receive writing guidance to create a story about their character  
  • Publish the story as a book and take it home!

Storymakery encourages kids to be creative and explore ideas,while also building their cognitive and writing skills. Whether you visit Storymakery online or at our store, your children are sure to have an engaging and educational experience.

At the end of the story-building experience, your child will have published a book—and you’ll have a great keepsake. Once a child has created their own storybook character and written a story, there’s so much more they can do:

  • Create more stories about their character at home
  • Create more characters at home
  • Print their character on a  t-shirt, mug, magnet or other merchandise
  • Share stories with family & friends on social media
  • Create new stories or characters each time you visit

“My vision is to unlock a child’s imagination at the intersection of creativity, technology and their dreams.”

                                                                               —Storymakery Founder and CEO, Payal Kindiger